First Aid Kit 4 Stack

Las Vegas Safety’s mobile on-site first aid division will come to your office or work-site to provide state of the art first aid products and services at a competitive price.

  • No Contracts
  • No Service Charge
  • Local Company

Service Includes:

  • Sanitize Cabinets
  • Organize Cabinets
  • Delivery of Product
  • Check Eyewash Stations
  • Check Outdated Products
  • Educate on Use of Product
  • Check Oxygen Units
  • Check Defibrillators

Las Vegas Safety provides a well designed health and safety program. It is one of the most valuable benefits you can give your employees, as well as one of the least expensive. A full program can result in a cost saving service to your company by providing:

  • A reduction in workers’ compensation claims
  • Assistance in complying with OSHA regulations
  • A thorough evaluation of your health and safety needs
  • The ability to increase employee productivity, and decrease absenteeism
  • Peace of mind knowing that your employees are working in a safe environment
  • Products that help build morale
  • Information on new Products
  • On-Time Servicing
  • Maintenance of Supplies